Fees, Referrals and Rebates



The aim of  Two Wings Psychology is to keep fees affordable.  ​A 50 minutes session costs $130. On referral from your medical practitioner (see below), Medicare rebates are available, and Health Card carriers will be bulk billed. 

 Additional fees are charged for any related services including report writing, assessment items and correspondence with other parties. However, the client would always be advised of any extra charges in advance.


If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate or be bulk-billed, a referral from your GP, medical practitioner, or psychiatrist is required (see below).


If you wish to claim through a private health care provider, you should contact that provider to check that you will be eligible for a rebate.

A referral is not essential for an appointment at Two Wings Psychology.

Fees for counselling are also $130 per session, with no rebate unless they are part of psychological services requested by referral from your GP or psychiatrist.



Payment is made at the time of your appointment. We accept EFTPOS  and Debit Cards.

We have Medicare Easyclaim facilities. You swipe your card and the rebate is deposited into your account after the full fee is paid.

Cash is not kept on premises. 



Medicare Mental Health Treatment Plans

The Mental Health Treatment Plan is completed by your GP and allows you to an initial 6 individual sessions (maximum 10 per calendar year) and 10 group sessions of psychological treatment with Medicare rebates.  After the first 6 sessions are completed, your GP is provided with a brief letter stating your progress in therapy. Further sessions can then be discussed, if needed, with your GP.  



Medicare rebate for a Psychologist is  $84.80, for a fifty minute session if you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan (see above).

                For more information on Medicare rebates please click on the link:  Fees and Rebates

                For more information on Psychology and Medicare please click on the link: Medicare Fact Sheet  

Private Health Fund

      If you have private health care insurance you may be eligible for a rebate. You will be given a receipt for services provided, for you to submit your own claim.  Please contact your private health care provider to find out more.